Create Together: Just Turn Your Head a Little - Ink and Twig Drawing



Want to create art with your child? Let Verna Vogel walk you through her explorative and creative process!

The just turn your head a little exhibition is about perception and memory. This workshop is about accessing perception and memory to explore and create artworks.

Participants will engage in perception exercises and discussion both inside the gallery and during an exploratory walk though the LAC grounds. Then, using ink with twigs, grasses etc., Verna will demonstrate some of the processes and techniques she has developed for creating visual images with these materials.

Serendipity is a big factor in this workshop. Working on several large- and small-scale surfaces, participants will learn to guide and respond to their materials through the use of ink washes, line quality and wet / dry techniques to create a range of effects. The qualities of transparency, opacity, absorbency and surface texture of various papers will be explored.

Participants can expect to have created at least one finished artwork, and several mark-making grounds which they may build on at a later time.

* If weather does not permit outdoor explorations, Verna will modify to suit the various indoor spaces available at the LAC. 

Audience: This workshop is suitable for adults and children over 7. Each child should be accompanied by an adult (1:1), please. 

Supplies: All required supplies are included in the workshop.  

Optionally, you may want to bring: 

  • A sketchbook - any size, any weight, half-used, any type is fine. 
  • Twigs, grasses, pinecones etc. from your yard, favourite park, etc. Using materials from within your life’s sphere (in addition to materials collected at the LAC) may enhance your connection to and delight in your artworks. 

Please don’t forget a lunch, water bottle and snack! 


$85 plus GST & Eventbrite Fees* 

* or register by phone: 403-931-3633, Tues-Sat, 10 am – 4 pm to avoid Eventbrite fees 

Registration closes on Wednesday April 3, 2019 at 9 PM. 

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Verna Vogel is an innovator and explorer who uses a range of materials and processes to create paintings, drawings, prints and installation artworks. Her installations are created for the specific spaces in which they are shown. There are no repeat performances, although her work is sometimes modified and built upon for subsequent exhibitions in different spaces.